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Our Story

Sasa Restaurant is a Izakaya (small plate style) restaurant where friends can go to have a drink and unwind after a long day. Situated in the historic 100 year old building that originally housed the Walnut Creek Meat Market, this architectural jewel has been transformed by BH Development and Designer Jackson Santos. Chef Philip Yang (proprietor & owner of Blue Gingko) prepares Japanese influenced dishes from around the world consisting of an eclectic mix of local and seasonal meat, sashimi, and traditional sushi specialties, with an emphasis on a unique variety of fresh seafood delivered daily from Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji fish market and Oahu’s Fish Auction.

The staff welcomes you into their house and offers up comfort, hospitality and fun. Sasa features an outdoor patio and a full bar, stocked with an extensive selection of sake, where expert mixologists happily introduce diners to the world of sake.

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